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Help Kids Conquer Moving

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 2/6/17 7:00 PM

So your kids aren’t as stoked as you are about moving to a new place as you are? Go figure.

Luckily kids are very resilient, but moving is a rather large adjustment. Help them along with these steps to help them feel empowered toward conquering their move and allowing them to adjust, and feel better adapted to their new environment.

Pick their paint – This is a fun way to help your kids be active in declaring their new space their own and be more involved in the decoration of their new home.

Explore – Just get in the car, pull out a map (or a GPS or smart phone) and explore the new surroundings together, letting your kids pick destinations, local landmarks and kid friendly attractions to check out and explore together. This will make for great new memories in your town.

Enroll – In sports and activities. This will help get your kids involved and get them active no matter the time of year, which leads to the next.

Forge friendships – Help them to forge friendships, which includes forging new friendships with parents with like-aged children, and helping them maintain old friendships.



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