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Window Bars 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/6/17 7:00 PM

Lacking confidence in the safety of your neighborhoods’ security? Structural security bars are an option for those who are feeling nervous and don’t mind bars on their windows.

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Revamp Your Home & Hobbies

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/5/17 6:30 PM

Just because your retired doesn’t mean it’s time to watch your wallpaper peel. By all means, relax and take the time you need to rest because you’ve most certainly earned it – and reconsider those burning passions you set aside while you were slaving away from eight to five.

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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/4/17 7:00 PM

Part of adulting these days is familiarizing one’s self with all forms of insurance – homeowner’s insurance, private mortgage insurance, and now – umbrella insurance.

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Topics: insurance, homeowners insurance

Home Buying Power Explained

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/3/17 7:00 PM

Want to know the secret to home buying power? Well, there’s no secret. Simply sitting down with your Stockton Mortgage Banker to get prequalified for a loan is the first step to homeownership – but knowing these factors give you the power to unlock your home buying strength! (But if you’re into secrets, here’s one: there are four of them!).

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Topics: Home Buyer, home buyers, DTI, home buying, debt to income ratio, credit score, assets

Selling to Millennials

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/31/17 7:00 PM

Millennials and Baby Boomers are trading spaces, so to speak. Boomers are saying sayonara to their homes in suburbia and welcoming urban living, while millennials are looking to larger, suburban living. If you’re trying to sell to millennials, here are things Zillow says to consider.

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Topics: Millennials, Zillow, Home Sales, Home Buyer, square footage, home buying, selling, baby boomers

Spring Maintenance You Should Do

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/30/17 7:00 PM

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year – is it yours? Okay, maybe I can do without the list of chores that rack up! Last week we discussed how to space out those must-do spring-cleaning tasks (like cleaning furniture and organizing your closets, which you can read more about here).

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Topics: Spring, Maintenance, Home Maintenance, spring cleaning

5 Reasons to Not Buy Tiny

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/29/17 8:30 PM

When weighing your home buying options, consider these reasons to not buy a tiny home: 

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DIY Natural Wasp Repellent

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/27/17 6:30 PM

Sitting under my gazebo on the first warm, spring day in our semi-new home (we closed last fall, so this is our first spring in our new digs!), I was admiring the view of the neighborhood, the breeze, and the hedges that surrounding the railing of our back deck, when I noticed a faint buzz.

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Topics: Green Living, Green Thumb, Go Green, eco-friendly, eco, pests, pesticides, bugs, wasps

Virtual Home Staging Explained

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/24/17 6:00 PM

What if you could stage your home without actually lifting a finger? It’s possible. Virtual home staging is the digital way of presenting your home online, using photo-editing software to add the design touches your home is currently.

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Topics: Design, Home, Staging, tech, technology, digital, selling, virtual, VR

Spring Cleaning 30 Day Challenge

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/23/17 5:30 PM

Spring is here! The air my still be a bit nippy, but with daylight savings behind us, the change in season is apparent and it’s obvious that spring is just around the corner.

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Topics: Spring, Cleaning, season, spring cleaning

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