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To Love or Let Go of Your Home

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 2/14/17 7:30 PM

The relationship between you and your home, like many relationships, is a complex one.You loved everything about your home - in the beginning. But later, you couldn’t help but spot every blemish, every detail, everything wrong with your home. Now you’re left wondering if it’s time for you to move on.

Audrey Brashich writes via of four things to consider to know when to love or let go of your home.

Time – It’s apparently a normal occurrence to have buyer’s remorse at some point during your first year of home ownership. Let that first pass -  work to put your heart into your home and make it more of a reflection of yourself to see if it helps to make you a happier homeowner.

Consideration – Have you taken a look at the grand scheme of things? Are you happy with, not just your house, but the neighborhood? The school district? If you moved, would you miss access you currently have to grocery stores, schools, your work, or other amenities? Is that something you’re currently lacking? These are all things Brashich writes you should consider.

Work and willingness – The relationship you have with your home is no different than the relationship you maintain with any other, in that it requires maintenance. You have to be willing to work at it – are you?

Guts – What is yours telling you about your home? If you don’t think it wise to pour a ton of money into a remodel just to try and reignite a spark for your home that you don’t think is there – don’t.


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