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The Cul-de-Sac Defined

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 1/24/17 7:00 PM

A Cul-de-Sac is more than just a fancy word for a dead-end street.

The term is French and originates from the etymology meaning “bottom of a sack”, writes Matt Christensen via Beyond that, it’s the end of a street that’s rounded and is a haven for families or folks who hate traffic and gravitate toward the cozier, more quiet side of suburbia.

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Topics: safety, children, street, cul-de-sac

Toddler Moving Tips

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 8/4/16 6:00 PM

Moving is never easy, but throw a toddler or two in the mix, and it can present a bit more of a challenge!

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Topics: Packing, Moving, tips, hacks, new home, children, toddler

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