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Clear to Close… Now What?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 6/29/17 6:00 AM

Clear to Close… now what?

My boss recently tasked our team with creating Mortgage Comics. Yes, a newspaper style comic like Family Circus. He wanted us to find humor in an industry that for the most part is dry and humorless. For ideas of things people found funny, I did a simple google search and do you know what most these mortgage industry comics were about? Waiting on a closing! Waiting for those sweet words, “clear to close”, can seem like an eternity and with that a joke is born! One of these days I’ll include a Stockton Mortgage comic but for now let’s look at what a closing day entails.

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The Closing Day Wait

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 1/3/17 6:45 PM

The journey to closing a mortgage loan can vary greatly for everyone. Depending on your financial situation, your credit situation, whether or not you’ve owned before, and dozens of other factors play into the mortgage process. However, if your closing is near and you think you see the finish-line, then congrats! But your journey’s not over yet – Zillow’s Brendon Desimone points out a few things that you should know between where you are right now and your closing day.

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Buyers, Sellers, & Closing Costs

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/14/16 7:30 PM

Although we’ve done a lot to de-mystify closing costs with our Understanding TRID guide, you may be curious about what to expect at the closing table.

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Escrow 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 5/13/16 6:30 PM

What is escrow? One of those interesting terms to cut your teeth on in the world of property acquisition – escrow is something you may need to familiarize yourself with as you approach buying your first home! 

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