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Disposables you can ditch without missing

Posted by Amy Patterson on 4/22/15 2:22 PM

Our lives are hectic – that’s no secret. We keep getting busier and piling items on our to-do lists while it seems like the amount of time in the day keeps shrinking. So, I totally get it – using disposable items is easy and most importantly, it saves time. But there are two big things it doesn’t save – money and the environment.

  • Cleaning wipes – These little wipes make life so simple, but usually, you have to use a large amount of them to get the same effect that I could get with a reusable sponge and some DIY vinegar cleanser.
  • Shopping bags – For a one time (small) investment, you can get sturdy, clean and reusable shopping bags. And most grocery stores will even give you a discount on your bill for using them! Yes, it may only be like 5 cents per bag, but how much do you get for using plastic? ….right.
  • Curtain liner – Plastic shower curtain liners get gross – really fast, and need to be replaced far too often. For a one-time investment, you can get a cloth shower curtain liner that you can wash and re-use!
  • Plates – Ditch the paper, plastic and foam plates! They are expensive, flimsy and put unnecessary chemicals near your food.
  • Straws – Let’s face it...drinking through straws is fun. But  plastic straws are expensive and tend to break quite frequently (at least for me). But now they have glass straws! This is a much more sanitary, and in the long term less expensive, alternative. 
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