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Real Estate Pitfalls

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 10/10/17 7:15 AM

Real Estate Pitfalls

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Best Colors For Selling

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 9/21/17 7:00 AM

Best Colors for Selling

When selling your home, it is no longer just about your preferences but instead about trying to appeal to your buyer. Unfortunately, you can’t appeal to everyone’s senses but you can follow these rules outlined by Debbie Drummond when it comes to the exterior of your home. She states, “the color scheme of a house should be appropriate for its architectural style and allow it to be comfortable in its community.” When you update your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint, you are setting it apart from others on the market and will give your home a polished and clean look that will appeal to buyers.      

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Get Your Move On!

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 8/10/17 6:50 AM

Get Your Move On!

…I like to move it! Move it!...

…I like the way you move, I like the way you move…

…Moving on up. Moving on up, to the east side…

…There’s something in the way she moves…

…Workin' on our night moves…

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So You Still Want to Sell?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 8/3/17 6:50 AM

So You Still Want to Sell?

Stop! Breathe in. Exhale – before you really begin to dig into the process that is selling your home, take a moment to consider how much of a hurry you are in to sell. Selling your home is a big deal – don’t rush it! No doubt, you are eager to get your home on the market, and depending on your situation, you could be desperate to get it out of your hands - but rushing in the beginning will usually only cause you setbacks and lengthen the process. 

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You're Paying How Much?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 7/14/17 6:45 PM

You're Paying How Much?

Let’s try something. Close your eyes and picture…. wait, don’t close your eyes, keep reading. How about this, use your imagination to picture a kindergarten teacher, now a gardener, now a doctor, and lastly an appraiser. I bet you envisioned a stodgy, older man in suit who never smiles for that last one. While I doubt, this is true for all appraisers, I would have to guess that they got this reputation because their job requires them to be void of influence. They are to come in and assess the value of the home.

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Throw In The Dog… And Other Weird Buyer Requests

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 7/13/17 6:30 AM

Maybe some buyers think, with a new home, comes a new life. At least that seems to be the case when it comes to some of the instances cited in an article on Check out some of these weird requests below:

Is that rain?

I want you to unlock the house and let me back in, then turn on the hose, and make it rain on the house so I can hear what it sounds like.”

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Clear to Close… Now What?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 6/29/17 6:00 AM

Clear to Close… now what?

My boss recently tasked our team with creating Mortgage Comics. Yes, a newspaper style comic like Family Circus. He wanted us to find humor in an industry that for the most part is dry and humorless. For ideas of things people found funny, I did a simple google search and do you know what most these mortgage industry comics were about? Waiting on a closing! Waiting for those sweet words, “clear to close”, can seem like an eternity and with that a joke is born! One of these days I’ll include a Stockton Mortgage comic but for now let’s look at what a closing day entails.

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Zip Your Lip!

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 6/27/17 6:30 PM

Zip Your Lip!

I have a bad habit of talking to talk, just something to fill the silence. I’ve realized that sharing every thought that pops in my head isn’t’ best and sometimes, I should just not say anything. According to a video recently posted on this is something that sellers might want to consider doing as well! They mention 3 phrases that are commonly said by someone selling their home, that are better left unsaid.

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Hottest Housing Markets Of The Spring

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 6/16/17 6:30 PM

Hottest Housing Markets of the Spring 

Every homebuying season has its own characteristics, it's own personality, if you will. This year’s homebuying season is comparable to a friend who moves at a blistering pace and is always finding success but you feel like one day, his luck will run out—you just don’t know when that day will come! Well folks, there are lots of concerns coming around the corner so that day may be upon us soon. According to National Mortgage News, interest rates are continuing to rise which means people are not refinancing so lenders are looking to purchase loans to close the gap. They also report, “home prices continue to grow at an accelerated pace”, this raises concerns about inventory of homes in the markets and affordability.

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Homes Are Selling Faster Than Ever

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 6/8/17 7:00 PM

Homes are Selling Faster than Ever

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