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Appraisal Prepping

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/13/16 4:19 PM

If you’re selling or refinancing your home, you anticipate having your home appraised. An appraisal may be intimidating to some, but you really shouldn’t sweat it.

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A Little About Home Value

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/30/16 8:00 PM

We’ve all heard the saying: location, location, location. When it comes to homebuying, certain businesses and services can move into your existing neighborhood and drive down home values, or you could find home values are less in areas where such places exist. decided to take a closer look by comparing the median home price within zip codes near certain facilities.

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ROI's on Your Reno

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/22/16 9:30 PM

It’s the time of year that because the weather is warming up, the home renovation projects begin to roll out! Whether or not you’re looking to up the resale value of your home, it is always good to know which renovations are worth investing more money in before you get started.

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Trade-Offs Home Buyers Should Consider

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/8/16 8:30 PM

Life is all about give and take - this is also true for home buying. If you find yourself with a sprawling wish list of features for your new home, don’t be surprised if you have to make some concessions. But don’t take it too hard – has asked some experts about which compromises are worth making when it comes to finding your new home.

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Big Home, Small Lot?

Posted by Amy Patterson on 10/13/15 4:40 PM

According to a recent article by Zillow, homes in the U.S. are growing in size, while the lots on which they sit are shrinking. Data from the late ‘90s shows that the median size of a single-family home in the U.S. has grown by 24% – going from about 2,100 square feet to 2,600 between 1999 and 2014.

However, the lots these expanded homes are sitting on have shrunk by about 10% in the same period – going from 9,600 square feet to 8,600 in the same time frame.

To put this information in an equation that is relative to a specific home size, in 2000, homes had approximately three square feet of lot space per every one foot of indoor home space, however, in 2014, that number dropped to about two square feet of lot per foot of indoor space.

According to Zillow Chief Economist, Svenja Gudell, this trend meets a compromise between builders and homebuyers – specifically, a compromise between what builders can profitably supply (within a close proximity to job hubs) and what homeowners want – bigger homes (and a willingness to accept a smaller lot space).

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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Amy Patterson on 10/5/15 4:08 PM

Fall is here, with winter in trek close behind it {sorry} – and you want to make sure your home is ready! Check out these seven home maintenance tips, courtesy of the original home pro – Bob Villa.

  1. Paint – Peeling paint can start as a small problem, but end up as a costly repair. The sooner you address it, the better.
  2. Gutters – Make sure you clear out any debris and give your gutters a thorough flush and inspection.
  3. Caulking – Caulking around your door frames and windows is one of the cheapest and best ways you can lower your heating bill this season.
  4. Roof – Inspect your roof for any damaged or missing shingles – you’re going to want to have a strong foundation before winter hits.
  5. Fans – Change the direction of your ceiling fans. This will create an upward draft to help distribute your heat, saving you money on heating costs.
  6. Air conditioners – Clean and store for the season – remove window units and cover outdoor units after a thorough cleaning.
  7. Porch and deck – Clean, cover and store all deck furniture, grills or the like. Also, be sure to empty any planter pots that may have leftover soil in them, as the soil can freeze and cause the pots to crack.

Now that you’re prepared for the upcoming weather changes and have a head start on your winter preparations, it’s time to curl up with some hot chocolate and a fall-themed Netflix marathon!  

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Market Trends

Posted by Amy Patterson on 9/3/15 4:18 PM

According the RealtyTrac’s most recent home sales report, July 2015 proved to be a month of the good, the bad and the…good? Overall, the month saw changes that were extreme in both directions – with some stats plummeting while others gained steam – but all of the changes were good for the market overall.

The good: The median price of homes sold in July was 2% higher than it was in June. And at $189,500, it was also the highest median price since 2008.

The “bad”: The sale of properties in the foreclosure process fell to the lowest monthly share since January 2000 (which is the earliest date with relevant information). The number of all-cash home buying transactions also fell to its lowest level since 2008.

The overall good: The expansion of median home prices, paired with the growth of overall market sales volume, contrasted by the drop in all-cash and foreclosure buyers, is actually good news for the housing market. Why? According to Darren Blomquist, the Vice President of RealtyTrac, it is “evidence that housing is successfully transitioning from an investor-driven recovery, to one that is drawing in traditional buyers as a good foundation for sustainable growth going forward.”

Source: Mortgage News Daily

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The Hidden Investment

Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/27/15 4:30 PM

Often, we refer to a home purchase as an investment, but it can’t necessarily be measured the same way as other, more tangible investments in your portfolio. However, 2014 proved otherwise. According to Zillow, 25% of Americans believed there to be no growth in their homes' values last year. However, statistics prove that overall home value grew by 4%, and by more than 10% in some U.S. metros.

One of the booming metros, South Florida, saw value growth of 12%, which factors out to be almost $23,000 per home. But more than one-fifth of Floridians didn’t think the value of their homes had shifted at all. Naturally, additional popular metros such as Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston saw double-digit growth. Double-digit growth, coupled with a  national average of 4% growth, is a step in the right direction for the nation’s housing market.  

Source: Zillow

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/19/15 4:28 PM

Last week, we covered a trend alert that left us feeling relaxed – earthy. Well, this week we were a little hesitant to pull ourselves out of vacation mode, so we’re back at it with beachy. Because who doesn’t love the beach?

Maybe you’ve been a little hesitant to try a beachy themed home because strewing seashells all over your home is not an appealing concept to you – but the good news is, there’s another way to do beachy that is much more subtle and works better with all design styles. 

Rope-hung curtain – These ropes bring a few different elements together – they are beachy, rustic and cottage-like all at the same time…which is why we love them, and why they would work well with most any style home. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Paddle headboard – We love this headboard made from old paddles! The pale striped lampshades and neutral pillows tie in perfectly.


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Rope shelf – This rope-strewn shelf is everything that your bathroom needs. It goes with every style (except maybe super modern) and it’s DIY friendly. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Rustic window– We couldn’t do a beachy post without having some seashells present. And this vintage window is accented perfectly by them!  


Photo via: Interior Design Article

ColorsAnother great way to incorporate a beachy feel in your home is by utilizing those fabulous blues. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/13/15 4:30 PM

Maybe the summer has us in a relaxing vacation mode, or maybe we’re just really digging the explosion of earth tones, textures and accents in interior design recently – maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an earthy, natural design aesthetic in your home. Everything is neutral and goes together, it creates a relaxing atmosphere and it looks great.

The best part of an earthy home is the neutral wall color options. Neutral doesn’t have to equal boring – and these colors prove it. And the best part is, they go with anything – so they give you a lot more room for options for décor and furniture. 

Check out this gorgeous neutral spread straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens


If you go with any of these neutral color options for your walls, your options for furniture and décor are endless! Check out these incredible earth inspired rooms!


Photo via: Lush Home


Photo via: Lush Home


Photo via: The Glamorous Housewife

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