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Kicking Off Your Shoes

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 2/8/18 6:45 AM

Kicking off Your Shoes

Having been raised in Kentucky, (warning: I’m about to feed into a stereotype) I spent many summers running around barefoot. In fact, my mom used to get on my brother and I about needing to wear shoes, especially when we would come home with scraped up feet from our barefoot bike riding adventures. As I’ve matured and realized that protecting your feet is a better option; I have grown to be more comfortable wearing shoes. But also, as I’ve aged and my friends started having children, I noticed more and more people were asking me to remove my shoes when I come into their home. I mean, come on people, now my polish must be kept up in the winter too? So, the question becomes, why do my friends want me to remove my shoes? And does it really make for a healthier living environment?

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Wanna Be Roomies?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 2/6/18 3:45 PM

Wanna be Roomies?
Roommates are not just for college dorms or big cities. According to the census, more and more American adults are moving in with people with whom they are not romantically involved. The rise in shared living during and immediately after the recession was in big part due to millennials moving back in with their parents. But more recently, parents are moving in with their adult children and friends are moving in with one another to help cover the mortgage.
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Homeownership Intel, Tips For Future Military Homeowners

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 7/20/17 6:00 AM

Homeownership Intel, tips for future military homeowners

While this blog post is directed to those who have served their country, I think there is something to be learned by all home buyers. All people, no matter their background, make mistakes when buying their home—whether this is the first time or the sixth. Perhaps after reading through some items that are easily overlooked you will save yourself some frustration and even money!

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A Look at Home Loans

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/29/16 8:30 PM

A Look at Home Loans

If you’re shopping for a home loan, nothing beats discussing loan options with one of our skilled and knowledgeable mortgage bankers at SMC, but knowing types of loans at a glance isn’t a bad idea either.

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