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Wanna Be Roomies?

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 2/6/18 3:45 PM

Wanna be Roomies?
Roommates are not just for college dorms or big cities. According to the census, more and more American adults are moving in with people with whom they are not romantically involved. The rise in shared living during and immediately after the recession was in big part due to millennials moving back in with their parents. But more recently, parents are moving in with their adult children and friends are moving in with one another to help cover the mortgage.
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NY Resolution: The Extra Payment

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 1/4/17 7:45 PM

If your New Year’s resolution this 2017 was to work toward paying off some of your debt, here’s some food for thought: a mortgage is a huge investment, probably the largest one many of us will ever make.

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Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/27/16 8:30 PM

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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