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Above Ground vs In-Ground Pools.

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 5/19/17 6:00 AM

Above Ground vs In-Ground Pools

Above ground Pool? In Ground Pool? Just opt for Sprinklers? With summer around the corner, we can look forward to fun in the sun, which usually involves sipping on sweet lemonade and enjoying some sort of water fun. But how do you choose? Budget of course plays a big role in making a good decision but also consider the area in which you live. 

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Wood Decks: The Care & Keeping Of

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 6/30/16 8:00 PM

If you don’t have one, you might be looking for a home with a wood deck, or you’re considering building one. A wood deck can add great value to your home as added outdoor living space, no matter how you intend to use it (for cook outs, as a lounge area, a place to hang your hammock and nap, or all of the above).

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About Downspouts

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 6/22/16 8:30 PM

It’s very possible you’ve never put any thought into your downspout, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t!

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Patio Tic-Tac-Toe

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 6/10/16 8:30 PM

If you’re barely into the throws of summer and you’re struggling to keep your kids (or yourself) entertained while outdoors, we’ve got a solution!

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Outdoor Inspiration

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/28/16 8:30 PM

Spring is here, and summer will be soon to follow, which is why we’re going to explore inspiration for your outdoor living spaces!

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DIY: Outdoor String Lighting

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/10/16 7:00 PM

Maybe slightly warmer weather has got you day dreaming about summer picnics and parties to come. You might also be thinking of ways to spruce up your outdoor space for entertaining or just relaxing with your family. If this sounds like you, the Home Depot has created an outdoor cement-based string light set up that could compliment any outdoor living space!

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Fall Into Outdoor Living

Posted by Amy Patterson on 9/21/15 4:43 PM

The leaves are changing, the weather is {selectively} getting cooler and the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte is readily available – it must be fall. To celebrate the occasion we’re changing up your outdoor living space to give it that essential autumn feel. Now, if you’re super into Halloween and would rather cover your front step in jack-o-lanterns and ghoulish creatures, don’t worry, because these styles will go with holiday specific décor and successfully transition your stoop from now to Thanksgiving!

Lighting – One of the best things about fall is the lighting. Yes, it gets darker earlier, but that’s what vintage lanterns are for!

Photo via: Pottery Barn

Photo via: Pinterest

Foliage – Whether you’re into cornhusks, gourds, pumpkins (carved or whole), mums or all of the above, you can’t beat some fresh fall foliage. Mix and match warm colors and change it up frequently.

Photo via: My Domaine

Photo via: My Domaine

Wreaths – Wreaths are a fall staple. Why? Because they’re gorgeous, fully customizable, totally DIY-able and the easiest way to perk up your doorway.

Photo via: Homed It

Photo via: Homed It

Mats – You can’t accessorize your porch without accessorizing the welcome mat. Check out these fun fall options – we love the DIY burlap mat.

Photo via: Pinterest

Photo & DIY via: Yes Missy

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Green Houses That are Actually Adorable

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/23/15 4:51 PM

Summer is the time for enjoying the atmosphere outside of your home. For some, that includes a greenhouse that produces fresh fruits and veggies and colorful flowers. The word greenhouse isn’t usually met with compliments of its flawless styling. Perhaps functionality, but not styling.

But why shouldn’t the place in which your favorite things grow be picture perfect as well? Or at least...a little prettier than a plastic wrapped bubble. 

Can’t it be different? Yes!

Check out this vintage glass greenhouse – complied of reclaimed windows.

Photo via: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

And this one…it’s like its own, perfectly quaint little cottage. 

Photo via: Flickr

And this…seriously – it’s like the stuff dreams are made of. 

Photo via: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Don’t worry…we wouldn’t just tease you with these unreal creations unless we had an amazing DIY for you! After combing through piles of greenhouse DIYs, most of which were incredibly complicated and super pricey…we found this DIY by Fabulously Frugal.

For $67. Yes...$67. Check out the DIY here.

Photo & DIY via: Fabulously Frugal

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Mailbox Gardening

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/2/15 4:32 PM

Warmer weather is the perfect excuse to spruce up your curb appeal a bit. But maybe you’re not interested in a huge project that will require a lot of work and take more than a weekend to complete. Check out the mailbox garden. It’s eye-catching, customizable…and best yet, it’s only as big and work intensive as you want it to be.

There are a few different ways to approach a mailbox garden. Here are some great ideas to incorporate to make your mailbox standout and give your home some added curb appeal:

Stones – Frame your mailbox gardens with stones 


Photo by: The Handcrafted Life

Vines – Make sure maintain your visibility and there aren’t any thorns…mail carriers aren’t partial to thorns 



Photo by:

Wild flowers – For some natural color, check into wild flowers 



Photo by:

Color – Paint your mailbox a bright color like teal, or personalize your mailbox with a cool design.



Photo by:

Before you begin your mailbox garden, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure it is still easily accessible and the numbers are visible
  • Try to avoid flowers that attract tons of bees (in case your mail carrier is not a fast runner…)
  • Choose flowers that don’t require a lot of maintenance  
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DIY Fire Pit for Under $60

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/1/15 4:24 PM

A fire pit is a welcome addition to any yard, especially during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire pit with your family and friends and making smores or just relaxing. So, to celebrate the recent official beginning of summer, we’ve found a fire pit DIY that not only looks great, but also is simple and only costs around $60. It’s a perfect weekend project that you will enjoy for months to come.

What you will need:

  • A shovel
  • A level
  • Some muscle (yours or someone else’s…)
  • Gravel (enough to cover the bottom of the fire pit and be 3” deep)
  • Stones to surround the pit (make sure to use natural stone or firebrick)

How to do it:

  • Decide if you want a circle or square fire pit – for a square, measure the corners out from the middle and connect the corners. For a circle, place a stick in the middle and tie a string to it, then mark evenly in several places around the circle.
  • Start digging! You’ll want to dig around 3-4” deep
  • Pour your gravel
  • Lay the first layer of stone so that it is at least partially in the ground (this will give it more stability)
  • Make sure that your stones are level (because if the first layer isn’t level…none of them will be)
  • Continue with the second layer of stone (making sure to alternate the separations between the stones between the layers)
  • Add layers until your fire pit is the height you would like
  • Enjoy!


Photo and DIY by: Divinely Gifted


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