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Help Kids Conquer Moving

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 2/6/17 7:00 PM

So your kids aren’t as stoked as you are about moving to a new place as you are? Go figure.

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Topics: Moving, paint, help, kids

DIY Abstract Wall Art

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/9/16 4:30 PM

Nurture your love for painting, and rope your family into joining in as well with this DIY abstract wall art painting project!

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Topics: DIY, Fun, Easy, Art, Wall art, paint, painting

Weathered Wood How-To

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/2/16 6:30 PM

When will rustic farmhouse weathered wood go out of style? Never, we hope. Especially since we’ve managed to source up a super cool and easy how-to on weathering wood for decorating to your heart’s desire. Whether you’re topping a table or creating a focus wall, this how-to will get you through it.

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Topics: DIY, wood, paint, how-to, weathered, weathered wood, stain


Posted by Morgan Saylor on 9/15/16 7:45 PM

Whether you’re creating an interest wall or a faux-wallpaper effect, stenciling might be the way to go for you. The possibilities with stenciling are pretty much limitless, if you have the time and patience, and a hook up on some great stencils.

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Topics: Design, Interior Design, Wall art, paint, walls, painting, stencil

How To Paint Wood Paneling

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 8/3/16 8:30 PM

Like many other home trends (shag carpet and lava lamps, to name a few) wood paneling might still be part of your present-day design scheme. It doesn’t have to be!

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Topics: DIY, paint, how-to, walls, fixer-upper, painting

Small Bathroom Design Tips

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 8/2/16 8:30 PM

If you think lack of square footage stands between you and having a stunning bathroom, think again!

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Topics: Design, Color, Interior Design, Decor, Decorate, Home Decor, paint, wall color, bathroom, painting

Painting Pro Tips

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/18/16 8:30 PM

Painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of a room, but hard-to-reach places can make the task daunting, at best. Zillow Porchlight has some tips on three tricky areas you’re likely to encounter and how to combat them!

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Topics: DIY, Easy, paint, tips, how-to, professional, painting

Small Staycation Projects

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/12/16 8:30 PM

So burning up your vacation days, working on home improvement projects may not sound like fun, but hear me out: taking the time to check off much-needed home maintenance items from your to-do list can help you relax for the remainder of your summer, and add value to your home as well!

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Topics: Renovate, reno, vacation, paint, renovation, garage, home repair, fire pit, painting, rehab, staycation

Basic Brick to Whitewash Wonder

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/1/16 7:30 PM

Basic Brick to Whitewash Wonder

Fire places are cool features, but boring brick is not your only option when it comes to styling your home. One cool way to give your living space – specifically your fire place – a new look is to paint! Well, not just paint, but white wash!

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Topics: DIY, Renovate, Easy, paint, how-to, brick, renovation, fire place, fireplace, painting, rehab, whitewash

Tech-Savvy Home Maintenance

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 6/7/16 7:00 PM

We are super excited that we live in an age where apps exist to make our lives easier! Tech developers are on the ball with developing new and improved ways of maintaining your home.

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Topics: Home Maintenance, paint, renovation, technology, apps, painting

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