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Easy DIY Pallet Wall

Posted by Amy Patterson on 11/30/15 5:16 PM

Now that many of us are fully immersed in the holiday season, time and money seem to be less available. The good news is, this DIY is perfect for anyone who is under a time {or budget} constraint. And, there’s no breaking down pallets!

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 10/14/15 4:46 PM

I know what you’re thinking – “it's fall...and it’s going to be winter soon, what relevance does yellow have now?”

But the shade of yellow is everything – and I’m not pushing a sunshiny hue for fall. However, it is possible to get all the joy of yellow, without the springy feel. In fact, yellow can be an awesome fall color!

Think deep, rich yellow – almost gold yellow – or mustard yellow; these rich hues incorporate all of the fun of yellow, but work year round. Yellow is defined by a few key things: what shade you choose, what colors you pair it with, and how much of it you use – mastering all of these elements is the key to having a truly transcendent yellow.

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 9/16/15 2:30 PM

Okay, hear me out – polka dots are not a little kid thing. Yes, they look great in nurseries, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also look great in any room in your home! There are a few specific ways to do polka dots really well in your home.

Walls – This is the main trend with dots this season…we especially love the gold dots! Check out this easy and inexpensive DIY for gold wall dots.

Photo & DIY via: Taylor Made Creates

Photo via: Pinterest

Photo via: Pinterest 

You don’t have to make your whole room (or even a whole wall) dotted.

Photo via: The Design Files

Doors – If a polka-walled room is a little too much for you, try making a smaller part of your room dotted.

Photo via: Sarah Hearts

Photo via: Pinterest 

Steps – Go upstairs in style with these cool spotted staircases.

Photo via: Residence Style

Photo via: Residence Style

Photo via: Residence Style

Accessories – You can’t go wrong with dotted accessories – in any room! We've also included some awesome DIYs! 

Photo & DIY via: McCarty Designs

Photo & DIY: Off Beat Home

Photo via: Pinterest 

Photo via: Pinterest, DIY via: A Girl & A Gluegun

Photo via: Pinterest 

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DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/20/15 4:44 PM

Chandeliers are pretty amazing – they can totally change the look and feel of almost any room. But a Mason jar chandelier? Now you’re talking! This DIY is everything you need to polish your kitchen this weekend. You know it would look awesome hanging above your dining room table. The best part is, this Mason jar chandelier DIY is pretty straight-forward to pull off as well as cost efficient. There’s even a video by the DIYer to walk you through it! 


Photo via: DIY Ready

Here’s what you’ll need (according to DIY Ready):


  • 2 x 12 x 3(ish) African mahogany
  • Minwax Espresso Stain
  • Rustoleum Chalk Board Paint
  • Kerr Mason Jars
  • One Large Pickle Jar
  • Westinghouse Pendant Lights
  • 14 gauge Romex
  • 3 – 7 contact grounding bars
  • wire nuts
  • 3/4 inch maple plywood
  • 1/4 inch ply
  • 1×2 birch


  • Skil corded hand drill
  • Hitachi 18v cordless driver
  • Skil direct drive Circular Saw
  • Ryobi 9 inch Band Saw
  • Kreg Jig
  • Kreg 90 degree clamp
  • dewalt trigger clamps
  • Spring Clamps
  • C Clamps
  • Wire Stripper/Clipper
  • Dewalt 1/4 drill bit
  • Dewalt 1/8 drill bit
  • 3M Blue Tape
  • Kreg square driver bit
  • 1 1/2 inch course thread Kreg Screws
  • 1 1/4 inch course thread Kreg Screws
  • 1 inch course thread Kreg Screws
  • Gardner Bender Spray Liquid Electrical Tape

Here’s a simple break down:

  • Trace the size of your fixture on the top of the mason jar lid and cut the holes
  • Stain the mahogany with Minwax (let soak for about 10 minutes) 
  • Drill small vent holes to prevent overheating 
  • Paint your lids
  • Decide how you'd like your mason jars spaced and drill holes big enough to fit the cords
  • Thread the wires to desired length
  • Flip the light and enjoy the show! 

For a more in-depth break down of the steps (with photos), check out the original post

There's even a video of the whole process (by the DIY creator - Donald Stockton)!

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/19/15 4:28 PM

Last week, we covered a trend alert that left us feeling relaxed – earthy. Well, this week we were a little hesitant to pull ourselves out of vacation mode, so we’re back at it with beachy. Because who doesn’t love the beach?

Maybe you’ve been a little hesitant to try a beachy themed home because strewing seashells all over your home is not an appealing concept to you – but the good news is, there’s another way to do beachy that is much more subtle and works better with all design styles. 

Rope-hung curtain – These ropes bring a few different elements together – they are beachy, rustic and cottage-like all at the same time…which is why we love them, and why they would work well with most any style home. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Paddle headboard – We love this headboard made from old paddles! The pale striped lampshades and neutral pillows tie in perfectly.


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Rope shelf – This rope-strewn shelf is everything that your bathroom needs. It goes with every style (except maybe super modern) and it’s DIY friendly. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

Rustic window– We couldn’t do a beachy post without having some seashells present. And this vintage window is accented perfectly by them!  


Photo via: Interior Design Article

ColorsAnother great way to incorporate a beachy feel in your home is by utilizing those fabulous blues. 


Photo via: Interior Design Article

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/13/15 4:30 PM

Maybe the summer has us in a relaxing vacation mode, or maybe we’re just really digging the explosion of earth tones, textures and accents in interior design recently – maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an earthy, natural design aesthetic in your home. Everything is neutral and goes together, it creates a relaxing atmosphere and it looks great.

The best part of an earthy home is the neutral wall color options. Neutral doesn’t have to equal boring – and these colors prove it. And the best part is, they go with anything – so they give you a lot more room for options for décor and furniture. 

Check out this gorgeous neutral spread straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens


If you go with any of these neutral color options for your walls, your options for furniture and décor are endless! Check out these incredible earth inspired rooms!


Photo via: Lush Home


Photo via: Lush Home


Photo via: The Glamorous Housewife

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/5/15 4:33 PM

It just wouldn’t be fair to do a gold trend alert, without also honoring its counterpart, silver – because, usually, you either prefer one or the other.  Silver is a great accent to any room, because there are so many different facets of it – especially in interior design – you can have shiny, matte, sparkly…the list goes on and on!

Silver pairs insanely well with gray. Check out this awesome gray wall with small silver accents! 

Photo via: Remodelholic

Pairing silver with brighter color is even more spectacular. This gorgeous blush and silver room is a perfect representation. 

Photo via: Pinterest

What about silver with black and white? Yep, we love that too. 

 Photo via: Manhattancouture

If bold silver accents are not your style, try incorporating silver accents with soft earth tones or wood accents to dull them down a bit. 

 Photo via: DigsDigs

 Photo via: The Creativity Exchange



Photo via: Home Bunch

Whether its silver or gold you love (or you’re one who loves both), you can’t go wrong with these two gems. 


Photo via: BHG

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Why You Need a Pattern Wall Now

Posted by Amy Patterson on 8/3/15 4:09 PM

Statement walls are in full swing right now, with more and more homeowners embracing the Pinterest staple. You can create an accent wall in your home, simply by painting one wall a different color than the rest of the room. You can even get a little crazier with chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint, or a half wall color. But if you’re looking to really step up your statement wall game…you’ve got to do a pattern.

So why should you make a patterned statement wall the newest addition to your home?

There are a few reasons:

  1. They’re legitimately awesome.
  2. They don’t involve as much commitment as painting a whole room.
  3. They are fun to create.
  4. They can change the entire look and feel of a room.
  5. They are awesome – yes, doubly awesome.

Check out some of these incredible patterned accent walls! 

If you like Chevron...

Photo via:


Photo via:

Or stripes...

Photo via:


Photo via:

Or something a little more bold...

Photo via:

Photo via:

Photo via:

Photo via:

Photo via:

we know that this list of 100 patterned wall ideas will have a look for you. And don't forget to spruce up your ceiling! 

Photo via:

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Record Styling

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/28/15 3:47 PM

Put aside your IPods, CDs (if you still have any…), and your parents’ old cassette tapes, we’re going way back to the record. While some may think listening to records is obsolete with the advent of technology, there is still quite a market for these old musical devices, with a growing love of vintage shops nationwide. But records aren’t being used simply for their functionality anymore, they have a designer aspect that is pretty sweet.

So if you are one of those who enjoy collecting records, or if you just have some lying around…or even if you have never owned one in your life…you’ll love record décor. If you’re in the final group, head down to your local vintage music shop or thrift store and you’re bound to score some goods.

Just so you know what we mean by record styling, here are some images to make you fall in love. 


Photo via: Pinterest

Photo via: Two Thirty Five Designs

Photo via: Apartment Therapy

Now that we’ve grabbed your interest, check out this nifty DIY so you can have some of this awesomeness in your own home! 

Photo & DIY via: Endlessly Inspired

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DIY faux wood beams

Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/5/15 2:29 PM

There’s something about the look of exposed wood beams in a home…they give an air of elegance with the perfect amount of rustic cottage feel. But authentic, antique, rustic wood beams are crazy expensive – and while they’re gorgeous to look at, who really has the money to spend on them?

So, what if I told you that you could get that same look for a fraction of the price? You. Totally. Can.


We found this nifty how-to on the White Buffalo Styling Co. website.

The trick with this DIY is using framing lumber, and staining the lumber to a shade that will acent your room. In this case, the homeowner wanted to pair the beams with the floors and create a stark contrast with the white walls and dark wood (#NailedIt). 

The end result of this project is stunning, and adds a new rustic and classic focal point to any room. 


The project itself is a more intensive DIY for sure, but we think it's totally worth it. 

Photos: White Buffalo Styling Co. << check out the orginial post here 


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