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Don’t-Miss Tax Breaks

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/8/16 7:00 PM

It may be a bit soon in your book to start talking about taxes - but each year, some tax breaks for home buyers and sellers expire.

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Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/27/16 8:30 PM

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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Mortgage Acronyms 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/8/16 7:30 PM

When you go to apply for a mortgage in the first step to becoming a home owner, you may feel like you’ve been dropped off into some remote land where the language is alien to you. You are not alone!


At SMC, we try to keep the jargonish language to a minimum, but somewhere in your home buying journey you may come across some terms and scratch your head in wonder. Luckily, Trulia has compiled a list of commonly used and misunderstood acronyms used in the industry.

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/15/15 4:29 PM

Many lenders advertise ways for you to avoid PMI, but why? We’re here to cover some questions about PMI, and show you the other side of the debate.

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