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Winter Prep: Energy Savings How-To

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/21/16 6:30 PM

Winter can be a lot of fun! Getting snowed in, sledding, building snow men, perfecting your chicken soup recipe. The list goes on.

But while you’re making the most of your time indoors and out, make sure you’re not spending a fortune staying warm on heating and air.

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Topics: Home Prep, preparedness, energy efficiency, prepping, heat, heating

7 Things for Fall Prep

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 11/7/16 7:45 PM

Preparing for fall might be a mystery to some new homeowners, but that's okay. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your home for fall and the winter that will inevitably follow!
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Topics: Home, Maintenance, fall, Fall Prep, Home Maintenance, preparedness, prepping

Burglar-Repellent Home

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/26/16 8:00 PM

Yesterday we wrote about securing your smart home devices – however, securing your physical home is just as important.

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Topics: Home, Security, safety, preparedness, theft, home security, burglar

Countdown to Homeownership

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/20/16 6:30 PM

Maybe you are kicking around the idea of buying a home but you’re still a few months out?

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Topics: First Time Home Buyers, Home, Buying, homebuying, preparedness, prepping, planning, timeline

Emergency Tips for New Homeowners

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 8/15/16 7:00 PM

Home ownership is a cool new path many are pioneering these days, but it’s sometimes hard to know what you should prepare for, precisely. Here is a list compiled by Yahoo of a few things that will help you be ready to deal with the unexpected!

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Topics: Homeowners, Maintenance, Home Prep, tips, preparedness, homeownership, emergency, prepping, budget, budgeting

Moving & Identity Theft

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/19/16 8:00 PM

As if moving isn’t stressful enough, know that moving can make you vulnerable to identity theft if you don’t take measures to protect against it.

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Topics: Identity Theft, safety, Moving, preparedness, prepping

Appraisal Prepping

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/13/16 4:19 PM

If you’re selling or refinancing your home, you anticipate having your home appraised. An appraisal may be intimidating to some, but you really shouldn’t sweat it.

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Topics: Refinance, Home Value, Appraisal, Maintenance, Sellers, Home Maintenance, refi, preparedness, prepping

Disaster Preparedness

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 5/3/16 8:30 PM

As much as we would all like to believe a natural disaster is something that would never happen to our region, or us, it’s never a bad idea to prepare for the worst.

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Topics: natural disaster, preparedness, disaster, tornado, earthquake, kit, flooding, fire, emergency

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