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The Hierarchy of Fridge Food

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/12/17 7:00 PM

Fridge storage isn’t exactly a science. But odds are, if you’re not following a certain hierarchy when stocking your fridge shelves, you’re not optimizing the space in your refrigerator or the mileage of your fridge food.

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Topics: organize, Storage, appliance, organization, fridge, refridgerator

Fridge Coil Cleaning How-To

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 1/25/17 8:00 PM

We know it’s dark and dusty – but don’t be afraid. Those coils are no force to be reckoned with - cleaning your fridge coils every six months to a year helps your appliance cool more efficiently!

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Topics: Maintenance, Cleaning, how-to, appliance, fridge, refridgerator, coil

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