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Recruiting Renovators

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/25/16 6:45 PM

Whether you’ve made plans to renovate your home or maybe you are refinancing or purchasing with a 203(k), recruiting a home renovation team you can count on to see your project through to the end is key.

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Countertops 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 7/7/16 8:30 PM

A kitchen remodel has many intricate parts: appliances, the back splash, cabinet pulls. There are many design elements to consider if you’re trying to spruce up your kitchen.

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DIY: Concrete Counters

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 6/23/16 9:00 PM

It’s a cool look, but even the bravest of DIY-ers are hesitant to attempt concrete countertops. Lucky for us, a daring DIY-er has created a step-by-step on how to tackle this project.

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ROI's on Your Reno

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/22/16 9:30 PM

It’s the time of year that because the weather is warming up, the home renovation projects begin to roll out! Whether or not you’re looking to up the resale value of your home, it is always good to know which renovations are worth investing more money in before you get started.

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DIY: Planks Over Popcorn

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/17/16 8:30 PM

If it seems like we’re picking on popcorn ceilings a lot lately, it’s because we are. Recently we posted a blog about how to remove popcorn ceilings. We just really love ways to take an old, outdated look and make it brand new again – which is why we’re bringing you this how-to on applying planks to a popcorn ceiling.

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DIY De-popcorn Your Ceiling

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 2/25/16 4:00 PM

They were okay for a minute, but like many things spawned in the 80’s, popcorn ceilings have overstayed their welcome. Removing popcorn from your ceiling can update the room and make it feel lighter!

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Why Chalk Paint Rocks

Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/11/15 1:57 PM

I’m all about colors – especially in the summer. In fact, the more things that I can find in my home to paint a vibrant color, the happier I am. But there are some downfalls to traditional paint that can make colorizing your home a little less...spectacular. First there’s the sanding and priming and sometimes stripping which, for me at least, takes a lot of the fun out of it. Then, there’s the smell that seems to linger for days on end – but, no worries, friends! There’s a solution to the woes of a color-obsessed paint hater…drumroll…chalk paint!

Chalk paint is amazing for all of the reasons that traditional paint isn’t…there’s no smell, there’s no stripping, no priming and no sanding…none. Also…it dries in 30 minutes or less, which is amazing as well.

Seems a little too good to be true, huh? Seeing is believing, so check out this dresser renovation with chalk paint.



Photo & DIY by: U Create

The steps for chalk paint, as outlined in the DIY are:

  •   Wipe down furniture with a damp rag
  •   Apply first coat
  •   Let dry for 30 minutes
  •   Apply second coat
  •   Let dry for 30 minutes
  •   Apply a wax finish

If you love chalk paint, check out our post on chalkboard paint

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Let Your Home Take the Stage

Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/10/15 4:09 PM

As buyers enter your home, they will quickly form opinions about it. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your staging skills. Staging is a key ingredient to a successful home sale. Why? Because in order for potential buyers to buy your home, they have to be able to envision themselves living in your home – staging helps them do that.

But how do you effectively stage your home? Follow these crucial rules:


  • Clutter – Ditch the clutter for a clean and crisp look. Clutter can often distract potential buyers and cause them to miss key focal points of your home that you want to show off.
  • Floor plans – When arranging your furniture, you want to make sure that the home is easily accessible, not crowded and that you have arranged the furniture to promote openness. A busy, overcrowded layout with the wrong pieces can hurt your home’s overall appearance.
  • Purpose – We all have one…the catch-all junk room. For your open house, make sure you give that room a purpose so that potential buyers can see its potential.


Does your home need a bit more than the basic staging? Maybe you should consider some mini-renovations that won’t break the bank. 

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How to Conquer Your Renovation

Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/9/15 4:20 PM

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Renovate your bathroom on a budget

Posted by Amy Patterson on 5/7/15 3:37 PM

Often, a change in the seasons brings a desire to update our homes – or at least update a room or two. But a full remodel can be expensive and timely. A better choice for those looking to change it up regularly is to change small things that will make a big difference.

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