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How-To Industrial Pipe Shelves

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 11/11/16 8:30 PM

No one has ever lodged the complaint “I have too much shelving in my house!”  If you’re tight on space or maybe just want to add some interest to a room, but wish for something with purpose – check out this DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf tutorial.

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Popular Home Features by State

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 11/10/16 8:00 PM

When buying a home, we all ponder features and amenities best suited to our own tastes, but have you ever considered what home amenities are popular and where?

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Secret Storage Solutions

Posted by Amy Patterson on 1/4/16 10:13 PM

Storage can be an issue in any home – regardless of the size. Whether you’re in an apartment, or a five-bedroom house, your storage needs are unique and change over the years. Maybe in your twenties you need a closet just for your shoes, but in your thirties, you might need one for all of your toddler’s accessories.

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