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New Year Design Forecast

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/6/16 6:30 PM

With 2016 basically spent, all eyes are on 2017 as we wait with bated breath for the new year to reveal the air of style that will top the trend chart of home décor.

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Subway Tile How-To

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 5/5/16 8:30 PM

Last week we found out that homes listed with subway tiles as a feature were selling like hotcakes! Taking heed of the market and home décor trends, here is a step-by-step how-to on creating a subway tile backsplash in your home!

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Architecture 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/12/16 8:30 PM

You don’t have to go to school for architecture to communicate to your real estate agent the style of home you’re looking for. Cozy or contemporary, modern or historical, understanding home styles has its advantages.

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Nightstand Styling 101

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 4/6/16 7:30 PM

Sure, it could simply house a lamp, an alarm clock, your phone charger and a book. But isn’t your bedside table worthy of a more elegant, relaxing vibe? The answer is yes!

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Home Styling Do's & Don'ts

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/31/16 7:30 PM

You’ve purchased your new home and are eager to settle in, but you’re a little lost on the interior design of the place. How low are you supposed to hang a chandelier over a dining table? A picture frame is supposed to be hung how high?

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Secret Storage Solutions

Posted by Amy Patterson on 1/4/16 10:13 PM

Storage can be an issue in any home – regardless of the size. Whether you’re in an apartment, or a five-bedroom house, your storage needs are unique and change over the years. Maybe in your twenties you need a closet just for your shoes, but in your thirties, you might need one for all of your toddler’s accessories.

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Bathroom DIYs (That Look Expensive)

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/16/15 4:08 PM

Bathrooms are probably one of the most style transitional rooms in any home. Why? Because they’re small, they don’t contain a lot of junk (usually) and the updates (if you stick to the basics) aren’t as costly as some other rooms in your home. You could easily update your bathroom by going out and purchasing brand new everything…or you could make it yourself. These bathroom DIYs are slightly work intensive (you’ll definitely spend a few to several hours on them), but they’re not super complicated and they yield gorgeous results. Like, it’ll look like you spent thousands furnishing your nook with Anthropolgie digs.

First, we have the shower curtain. This one’s obvious, because the shower curtain is the main focal point to any bathroom especially if you have a full size one covering a bathtub. Check out this amazing, hand stitched, yarn-embroidered piece of fabulous-ness.



Photo & DIY via: Design Love Fest

Next, we have the floor mat(s). If your bathroom is big enough…you’re going to want two of these lovely chevron inspired pieces. 


Photo & DIY via: Home Made by Carmona

Last, we have the sparkle. Obviously, we have more than one DIY that sparkles, because…why not?

These confetti-patterned tumblers are perfect for holding candles!


Photo & DIY via: Radical Possibility 

You can’t have an Anthro style bathroom without these chunky metallic letters…so we have a great DIY for that too. Under $20! 


Photo & DIY via: Life as a Thrifter

And because sparkle doesn’t always have to involve glitter…check out this amazing light fixture DIY!


Photo & DIY via: Under the Sycamore

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TREND ALERT: Black & White

Posted by Amy Patterson on 7/15/15 4:25 PM

Black and white. The timeless pair that exudes unending elegance and eye-catching design. Black and white truly can go with anything, and that principle does not exclude interior design. There are a few different ways to do black and white in your home…you can go sort of middle of the road with the colors, you can just use them in your accessories, or you can go all-out and be super bold. But as far as I’m concerned, you can’t ever go wrong with black and white (unless you’re Cruella De Vil…because no one likes someone who is mean to puppies).

This kitchen gives new meaning to the word sophistication. This is a design that could make its way into any home. The white and black are softened by the rich wood counter top and rafters, while the rug ties in an added air of softness. 


Photo via: My Paradissi

This bathroom, though slightly more bold than the kitchen, could still be found in any modern home. The pattern of the floor tiling is a successful merge of the solid black of the door and the bright white of the walls. 


Photo via: BlogLovin

Still not bold enough? Check out this show-stopping bathroom.


Photo via: Homed It

Or this black-walled dining room.


Photo via: Pizzazz Home Decor

If the boldness is a little much, but you love black and white…check out these flawless integrations. They contain a lot of space between the two colors and a lot of softness that helps dissipate the contrast. 


Photo via: Centsational Girl


Photo via: Dust Jacket

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Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/26/15 4:52 PM

Think Easter, macaroons and those little melt-in-your-mouth assorted mints people used to give out at weddings. Pastels are an understated way to make a wow statement in any room. They give a sweet pop of color, they can be easily mixed together and they are clean and fresh – everything we want for summer.

Check. Out. This. Mint. Kitchen.

Something about pale mint colored cabinetry with milk glass accents and just a pop of sparkle is captivating. The dainty chandelier contrasts perfectly with the rugged exposed brick hanging out on either side of the room.


Photo by: Pebbz Notebook via decoist

Designer Betsy Johnson knows colors. So it’s no surprise that this bright pastel colored dining room belongs to her.

Photo by: Ngoc Minh Ngo via This Is Glamorous

And just because you can’t go wrong with mint….

Photo by: Ashley Whittaker Design

The vintage mint wallpaper pairs perfectly with these coral chairs. Again, this designer utilized a unique spiky crystal chandelier to pull the room together. 

Source: decoist

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TREND ALERT: Modern Brick

Posted by Amy Patterson on 6/18/15 2:36 PM

Exposed brick in a home creates an air of elegance with a flare of rustic style. The newest trend for homes is using exposed brick in super modern kitchens. It works very well as a back splash, statement wall or for the entire kitchen.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a home with original brick walls (many of us aren’t), you can utilize a faux brick wall design. Many faux brick designs are very authentic looking and successfully create the same drama that an original brick section would.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use exposed or faux brick in kitchens:

This kitchen is accented flawlessly by the brick back splash. It pairs well with the sleek wood block counter tops and the understated modern cabinetry.


Photo by: Lushome

This kitchen is completed by its exposed brick statement wall – we love the pairing of the sleek, modern cabinetry and flooring with the rugged look of the brick.


Photo by: Lushome

Another option to add some distinction and originality is to use non-traditionally colored brick, as shown here with this gray brick accent wall.


Photo by: Lushome

However you decide to customize it, you can’t go wrong by accenting a modern kitchen with brick. 

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