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Feng Shui Color Guide

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 3/9/17 8:30 PM

If you’ve recently bought a home and you’re deliberating on paint colors – after you’ve consulted our Interior Design guide, of course – you may want to consider the art of Feng Shui.

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Common Themes of Happy Homes

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 2/23/17 7:30 PM

Happy people have a few things in common, studies have found – some of these things transcend to their similarities within their homes!

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COTY: Going Green

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 12/14/16 7:00 PM

Every year, Pantone declares a “Color of the Year” – a hue on which the design community may hang its hat. For 2017 its Pantone 15-0343, also called “Greenery”.

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Home Selling Senses

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 10/19/16 6:30 PM

Our senses are an amazing tool for how we experience the world. Don’t neglect to appeal to buyers senses when prepping your home to sell.

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Greige: The New Grey

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 9/21/16 8:30 PM

Color trends can be hard to keep up with, and sometimes you’re still in love with the last color when the new trend roles in and, well – parting can be such sweet sorrow. Enter: Greige.

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Black & White

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 9/9/16 7:00 PM

It’s minimal, maybe a little masculine - but definitely modern and chic as all get-out. Color trends come and go but black and white makes for timeless interior design.

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Small Bathroom Design Tips

Posted by Morgan Saylor on 8/2/16 8:30 PM

If you think lack of square footage stands between you and having a stunning bathroom, think again!

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