2020 Home Renovation Goals

By Kimberly Shane

2020 Home Renovation Goals

2020_home_reno_goals_blog_V1-01If you are anything like me, you have been dreaming up changes to make to your house since the day you moved in; extending the deck, opening up a wall, upgrading the cabinets… But as time goes on, life takes over and you live with the house you have. Why not decide to change that this year? So many people set goals for the new year; could your goal be turning the house you live in to the one you love?

Again, if you are like me, there is one major thing standing in the way of your home renovations—money. It costs money to make your home what you’ve dreamt it to be and for many, we don’t have the extra funds to renovate. There are several ways to finance renovations but one you may not have considered is a renovation mortgage. By refinancing your current mortgage to roll in the renovation costs, you can finance your renovation without burning through your savings or racking up possible high interest credit card debt. 

With help from the renovation specialists at Stockton Mortgage, financing your renovation project is easier than ever. Not only have our renovation specialists been trained on specifics of this loan but they have the support of our renovation department who will assist if needed. Any of our renovation specialists will work with you and your contractor of choice to determine the loan amount and even take care of paying your contractor out of the financed amount. With this fantastic program and the home financing expertise at Stockton Mortgage Corporation, you can turn the home you have into the home you love with ease.

Creating the home you love will not only bring you joy and/or make your house more functional, but it will likely increase the value of your home, allowing you to build equity in your current investment. Out of the goals you could set for the coming year, investing in your happiness by turning your home into one you love that also yields positive financial results is truly a win-win!  

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