3 steps to create a timeless nursery

By Amy Patterson

Creating a nursery is one of the fun parts about preparing for a new addition to your family. But how do you create a nursery that’s custom, adorable and classic? Well, follow these three rules and you’ll have a nursery that will easily transition with your child throughout his or her life.

  1. Choose your inspiration

Choose a central piece of inspiration – it could be a piece of furniture, décor or window treatments and build your nursery around it. The key to this is to choose a piece that is truly timeless. When you pick items that transcend time and current style, you capture the key to creating a timeless room.


For this nursery, the designer used floral curtains as her inspiration. Photo from Zillow

  1. Choose versatile pieces

Skip the themes and the character furniture and go for versatility. When you’re thinking about bringing a new item into your nursery, ask yourself if it’s one you could also use in another room of your home.

  1. Use baby specific items sparingly

While you want to create a child-safe and child approved room, you also want a room that is a cohesive part of your home as a whole. If you have a mid-century Victorian home, ordained throughout with unique and classic décor, it could be a little jarring to step into a wildly colored, cartoon-character covered nursery. Suite your home, your child and your style by choosing longevity with classic, timeless pieces.



In this nursery, the changing table is simply an addition to the dresser, and can be easily removed after the child outgrows it. Photo from Zillow

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