4 Fearful Questions for House Hunters

By Morgan Saylor

There doesn’t exist a book of etiquette in homebuying. Touring homes with your realtor or cruising open houses can be difficult to navigate, in terms of etiquette, especially without being completely in the know. Houselogic’s Stacey Reed has come up with some questions most people are too afraid to ask – here are four of them you won’t ask during a house tour!Can I use their bathroom? The first big stop is: does the bathroom even work? If you can check yes to this, the next thing to do is ask permission. You never know when the water has been shut off (which happens, sometimes, with houses that aren't occupied during the winter).

Can I bring a drink? Probably no one is going to tell you no – but beware of white carpet and all not-white liquids.

Snacks? Definitely not. If the seller is nice enough to have baked cookies for house hunters, you can eat one, but don't leave the kitchen with it.

Can I check out the pantry? Yes! If you’re interested in buying the house, it would be your pantry one day. Closets? Yes to that as well! Closet space is a contingency for many when buying a home. But don’t allow “looking” to become “snooping”.

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