5 Reasons to Never Get a Mortgage

By Amy Patterson

There is a lot of buzz about why you should or shouldn’t get a mortgage. But which opinion do you side with? Here are five reasons why you should never get a mortgage:


1. You love white and ecru walls – if you dislike the idea of colored walls, statement walls, hanging pictures or any other wall altering décor, you are better suited for an apartment with strict wall regulations

2. You dislike yard space – if you don’t fancy gardening, breathing in fresh air or sunbathing by your lonesome, you probably would not enjoy a home that provided an ample yard, with which you could do what you please

3. You enjoy trivial damage to your vehicle – if noticing a new scratch on your car feels like Christmas morning, you should probably continue to park in your apartment’s lot or on the street, rather than in the driveway or garage a new home could afford you

4. You only love animals under 25 pounds – if you are terrified of loving lab puppies, German Shepherds or the like, you should continue to live in a place with breed and size restrictions for pets

5. You generally dislike privacy – if your favorite thing to do on a Friday night is listen to your neighbor watch Lord of the Rings for the 27th time, you should probably continue to reside in a place that only allows for 500 square feet of total personal space 


If these 5 things make you incredibly happy, I see a future of apartment hopping for you, my friend. However, if these things and others have been continuous nuisances in your renting experience, visit our website and talk to a mortgage banker who specializes in rescuing people from their renting nightmares. 

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