5 Reasons to Not Buy Tiny

By Morgan Saylor

When weighing your home buying options, consider these reasons to not buy a tiny home: 

  1. Fads come and go, and tiny homes are likely one of them. Living in a small, affordable home doesn’t have to be synonymous with living in a tiny home, that odds are, is a passing trend.
  2. According to Trulia’s Blake Miller, buyers are so few that if you choose to part with your tiny home, you may be stuck with it for a while.
  3. It simply isn’t marketable – mainly because a tiny home can only actually host one or two people, and most people desire a home they can grow into.
  4. We get that tiny is in the name, tiny home, but it’s literally too small. Most people have too many personal belongings, no space for hobbies, storage, keep a pet, or even consider expanding.
  5. The saving money bit is a myth, because – are you really saving money if you must rent a storage unit to accommodate your other belongings that can’t fit in your tiny home. Why not live in a small home without the miscellaneous costs associated with tiny home living.


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