5 Tips To Sell A House In 2018

By Kimberly Shane

5 Tips to Sell a House in 2018

5 tips to sell house blog.jpgIf you are planning to sell your home in the coming year, you are hopeful that it will sell quickly, no doubt! According to an article published by, “Today's buyers have very particular tastes and turnoffs that could mean your home gets snapped up fast, or sits on the sidelines.” They go on to include tips which can contribute to selling your home faster!

The first is, Market to Millennials. Today the millennials are made of up people in their mid-20s to mid-30s and could make up almost half of home buyers planning to take out a mortgage by the end of 2018. So what is it that millennials want? Well, they are moving into the suburbs yet “they still crave walkable neighborhoods, so if your area has cafes or other amenities that are within walking distance, play that up” says the article. Also, smaller homes are popular amongst this group; they are simply wanting homes that meet their space requirements, not ones that exceed them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want a spacious feeling home- open concept floor plans are still desirable. 

While you are marketing to this new generation of homebuyers don’t forget about the baby boomers! The number of Americans aged 65+ is expected to double from 46 million in 2016 to more than 98 million in 2060 and many seniors are wanting to stay at home as they grow older. You may be able to woo buyers by renovating your home to make your home accessible regardless of age or disability or if your home already has these features, highlight them. An example of this is mentioned in the article by, “A one-level ranch home or one with a master suite on the ground floor presents less of a risk of falls, so make sure to mention these features as perks.”

When it comes to listing the house, do more than a video tour, incorporate a drone tour. The key benefit of a drone tour is it’s sweeping aerial view. It can show off much more than those on the ground photos; highlighting a beautiful yard, landscaping, woods nearby or simply just showing off the neighborhood that surrounds your home. 

Thanks to the technology of drones we have new ways to show off our homes; technology helps in another way. Smart home features are becoming a staple in many homes but now that buyers are coming with their own smart home gadgets, making sure that your system is compatible with the big players may just pay off! “Most home buyers have already invested in personal products built on one platform or another—Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod—and it is important that your system support these options in order to stay attractive to the largest potential buyer pool possible," says Jeff Miller, co-founder of AE Home Group in Baltimore.

Lastly, consider getting your home inspected prior to your buyer’s inspection. Everyone’s lives are getting busier and busier and homebuyers are wanting a move-in, worry-free home! Getting this home inspection will do two things for you—it can clue you into problems that you weren’t aware of which could delay the process later down the road. But it can also ease any concerns that your buyers might have about the home’s condition. Likely, the buyer will still want their own inspection but everyone will feel more comfortable heading into that inspection after the first one.

If you are selling your home then you are likely buying a home. As you know, within each home exists laughs, endearing moments, important discussions, and memories that last a lifetime.  This is the reason we want to do our best to get you that dream home for your family. Give us a call today (888) 914-2276.






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