Aromatic plants for your patio

By Amy Patterson

Summer is quickly approaching which means we’ll all be spending a lot more time outside enjoying the elongated days and warm nights. But how can you make your yard or patio more enjoyable? Well, adding fun features like a tree bench to your yard can help, but what about boosting the scent of your outside space?Aromatic_plants-01

We’ve compiled a list of super aromatic and gorgeous plants that you can utilize on your patio – and the best part is – they’re all super durable and forgiving to those of us who weren’t necessarily born with a green thumb.

Honeysuckle – this one is by far my favorite…these little plants have a scent that is simply divine, and if you’ve never tasted the nectar inside, you’re in for a treat

Lilacs – Lilacs have a light and airy scent that perfectly pairs with summer

Lavender – a well-known calming scent

Jasmine – another calming scent, while similar to lavender, this has a much stronger scent

Mint – this is a multipurpose one…not only does it smell amazing, but you can actually break off the leaves and use them to cook with

If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your patio or favorite outdoor space, check out our DIY outdoor pallet lounge!

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