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By Amy Patterson On February 18, 2016

Storage That Measures Up

Weekend baking projects are fun! But digging through drawers and around countless utensils in search of measuring cups and...

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Tags: DIY

By Amy Patterson On February 17, 2016

TREND ALERT: Exposed Beams

An old trend is making it’s way back around lately; exposed beams are all over Pinterest right now and they’re a stunning...

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By Amy Patterson On February 15, 2016

Organize Your Documents

It’s tax time again – the commercials are flooding TV, and we’re constantly reminded of the status of our document organization...

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Tags: DIY

By Amy Patterson On February 12, 2016

Baby Steps for Going Green

Okay, we get it - not everyone can just ditch every disposable they own and dump their conventional cleansers overnight....

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By Amy Patterson On February 11, 2016

DIY Silver Leaf Finish

The aged silver leaf look is gorgeous, but it can be super time consuming and pretty costly to create. Luckily, we found this ...

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