Bad Homeowner Behaviors to Break

By Morgan Saylor

We all have bad behaviors we’d rather not, but if you’re a homeowner, sometimes your bad behaviors can end up costing you money. And nobody wants that. Nip bad homeowner habits in the bud and start over with a clean slate in 2017, and look to perhaps not spend as much on repair bills in the future. Lisa Kaplan Gordon with has pinpointed some habits worth wicking next year:

Hanging dry cleaning on door knobs – Sure, it’s convenient, but really? That’s not the function of a door knob and you’re putting unnecessary strain on your hardware. Invest in hat wrack or more closet storage, or whatever it takes to stop this destructive, ugly habit.

Shoe-wearing inside – Shoes can be rough on floors and can stain and tear carpets. Gordon writes that a University of Houston study found that 39% of shoes contained C.diff, “which causes bad diarrhea and is increasingly resistant to antibiotics”. Losing your shoes at the door may be a special consideration you’ll want to make if you have little ones, elderly, or anyone with compromised immune systems in your household – or if you prefer to minimize exposure to disease.

Smoking inside – Cigarette smoke sticks to walls and floors, so if you’re a smoker, keep it outside. Non-smokers are often turned-off by the residue it leaves behind.

Ignoring small stuff – Just don’t do it. Cracks, water stains, weird odors – they’re usually a sign of something bigger and more ominous, so don’t just ignore them.


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