Black & White

By Morgan Saylor

It’s minimal, maybe a little masculine - but definitely modern and chic as all get-out. Color trends come and go but black and white makes for timeless interior design.Here are a few pieces of black and white design bits we really enjoy to inspire your home décor!


Image via Focal Point Styling

White sofa, black and white pillows, black accessories, black lamp shades along with mirrors and metal – this sitting room set-up has equal parts black and white and reflective surface to create a simplistic and stylish atmosphere.




A picture wall with black and white inkblot art makes for a thought-provoking, high-contrast area of interest in your home.




Images via 2ladiesandachair

Here are two living rooms from the same designer, using a pop of color and pattern in both examples (same space). Gold or cheetah, whichever you prefer, stand out as huge design elements within the space even though the pieces are minimal – they’re carefully selected and placed for the maximum effect!


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