Build a DIY outdoor lounge

By Amy Patterson

The Pinterest find this week is a do-it-yourself, customizable outdoor pallet day bed with a built in end table. This is the perfect weekend project that can make your summer evenings even more enjoyable for your family and your guests. daybed

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 pallets – when purchasing pallets, make sure you read the labels and get pallets that have not been treated with harmful pesticides

7 wooden planks­ – these can be old, new, borrowed – whatever….they are to create a more aesthetic presence to the day bed

Padding – you can use an old cot mattress, foam or a large pillow for the top of your day bed

Adhesive – either nails or screws to assemble the project

Saw – to cut the planks to the correct size

Additional – paint, pillows and décor for end table

Here’s what you do:

  • Take your four pallets and stack them (your pallets should be two high and two across)
  • Attach the pallets with screws or nails
  • Use your planks to cover all sides of the day bed (the width of your plank should be close to that of one pallet, so it will likely be two planks stacked on top of each other)
  • Figure out where your mattress topper ends and make the remaining pallet space an end table by covering it with the left over planks (see photo)
  • Paint and finish (use two coats of water-based fence paint to seal it)
  • Decorate! Coordinate your favorite throw pillows with your end table décor
  • Enjoy your fully functional, beautiful new space!

See the full DIY with step-by-step photos here. Photo cred: Lovely Greens 

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