Clear to Close… Now What?

By Kimberly Shane

Clear to Close… now what?

Closing Guide cover.jpgMy boss recently tasked our team with creating Mortgage Comics. Yes, a newspaper style comic like Family Circus. He wanted us to find humor in an industry that for the most part is dry and humorless. For ideas of things people found funny, I did a simple google search and do you know what most these mortgage industry comics were about? Waiting on a closing! Waiting for those sweet words, “clear to close”, can seem like an eternity and with that a joke is born! One of these days I’ll include a Stockton Mortgage comic but for now let’s look at what a closing day entails.

You will receive a Closing Disclosure no fewer than 3 days prior to closing. This is a detailed overview of your origination charges, services, taxes and government fees, prepaids, escrow and other costs incurred, both paid and unpaid. Whew! That is a lot of stuff! To get a better breakdown of a closing day check out our guide using the link below.


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