Composting 101

By Kimberly Shane

Composting 101 blog.jpgPart of being a homeowner is learning about being more environmentally conscious. While there are many ways to lessen your ecological footprint, one very simple way to do it is to begin composting!

Composting is the natural process of recycling materials to create soil, things that would naturally decompose – which is great if you intend to garden, and as a new homeowner you may now be more inclined to garden than ever before! 

The great thing about composting is, you can do it in your own back yard! Composting diverts waste that would otherwise just go into a landfill, and your plants and your new yard will love you for it.

But what is compostable and what isn’t it? If you’re wondering this, you’re not alone. Zero Waste Nerd has graciously created an infographic designed to answer this conundrum on what you can compost and what you should avoid.


Infographic via Zero Waste Nerd

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