Conquer moving with a pet

By Kimberly Shane
moving with pet blog-01It goes without saying that you have already told Bella, Sadie, Max, Buddy and Bear all about their new home! About that window that lets in the warmest afternoon sun. About the backyard that gives plenty of room to chase a tennis ball. About the squirrels that come right up on the porch, so they can watch them all day. Is that enough to prepare your dog, cat or other pet for a move? Unless you have a gold fish or hamster, there may be more to it!
Just like you, it takes your pet some time to get acclimated to a new environment. When it comes time to pack up your stuff, try to bring out the moving boxes early to help your skittish pet adjust easier, packing up one room at a time so they can find a familiar spot to go when it becomes too overwhelming. Once moving day arrives, do your best to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. It may help to have them stay at a friend’s house during the move to avoid any undue stress.
Some of us have pets who don’t ride in the car or get in their transportation crates often. If your pet falls into this category, take time before moving to associate them with their future means of transportation. You can help your pet develop positive association by giving them treats or play time at the end! By doing this work up front, you will make this part of moving day a lot less stressful for your furry friend.
Once you get to the new house, the instinct is to give your pet free range to explore all over the house. This could feel overwhelming to your pet. Instead, start with one room that has all their toys, food and other items in it, and allow them to adjust to that space. As they seem comfortable, introduce them to more spaces, keeping some doors closed. Over time your pet will feel just as at home as they were in your last place; as they bask in that afternoon sunlight coming through the window or check out the squirrels on the front porch!

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