Control Back to School Clutter

By Kimberly Shane

Control Back to School Clutter

back to school clutter blog.jpgEvery family feels different during those back to school days, some moms and dads are relieved to have more kid-free time to get things done around the home and others are sad to see them go back. No matter your feelings about this time of year, we can all agree that there is an adjustment period at the start of each school year. Of course, the kids having to wake up earlier is an adjustment, keeping up with packing lunches is an adjustment, all the papers coming home, the back packs, the shoes and jackets that pile up at the front door is an adjustment. But there is hope to free your entry way from all the clutter. No, don’t burn it. We found an article from All Parenting that gives some great back to school organization ideas including a very functional command center, there’s a link at the end of the article.

Pick a spot that is near the entrance your kids will use; the garage, the front door, the side entry. Add hooks for backpacks & jackets; make sure there are enough, if there aren’t they will opt to store their items on the floor. Include some shelving for books; add some baskets to keep keys, sunglasses and other little items in one spot! And if you really want to keep everything in one spot, this is a great area for the family calendar! Keep up with school activities, sports and other family commitments so everyone knows where to look. I’ve also found it helpful to list out the dinners we will have each night—this keeps the question, “what are we having for dinner?” from being asked 8 times a night.

Happy return to school days! From your friends at Stockton Mortgage, we hope that everyone has a happy and healthy school year full of growth and learning!

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