Countdown to Homeownership

By Morgan Saylor

Maybe you are kicking around the idea of buying a home but you’re still a few months out?Houselogic’s Jennifer Nelson has broken down a one-year-timeline for preparing to buy your first home. Here are a few points they make in the 12-month count down:

12 Months – Check your credit score. Your credit score will play a role in finding out how much house you can afford, but checking it out a year prior to moving to make a purchase will give you time to correct any potential errors that may exist, or work to make small improvements to your score to add more buying power.

9 Months – Prioritize what you want in your new home. What is important? What can you compromise on? If you can live with the idea some features over others, and narrow your focus, you may find better success during your homebuying process.

6 Months – Seek out a realtor who fits your needs and is familiar with the area you’re shopping for a home. 

As you read this list, you might find you’ve already checked a few of these tasks off, and you might be closer than you think to homeownership. For more guidance on preparation and the process of homebuying for first-timers, check out our First Time Homebuyer’s Guide or contact an SMC Mortgage Banker for what you can do to prepare for homeownership!


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