Critters & Chaos

By Morgan Saylor

Who doesn’t dream about having a lush yard filled with vegetation for rabbits, fawns, and all manner of furry, Snow White-esque friends to nibble and frolic? What this image doesn’t depict is the damage some of these furry friends can cause! Here are some of the worst offenders, provided by

  • Moles, Voles, & Gophers – Moles and voles fill your lawn with holes as they create tunnel systems in your lawn; gophers also tunnel, but can dig holes up to six feet in depth and cause water runoff to go toward your house.
  • Deer – According to, deer eat about 7 pounds of leaves, plants, and shrubs every day, and will strip the bark off of your tree trunks when they lose their felt.
  • Squirrels – Slightly less damaging than some of their rodent cousins, squirrels can gnaw on your siding, damage your garden, and may even move into your attic to raise their squirrel babies.
  • Rabbits – Rabbits are pretty harmless except when it comes to plant life – they like to munch on the tops of your prize flowers and other vegetation.

You can circumvent the chaos these critters create by clicking the link here.


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