Decorating With Old Windows

By Kimberly Shane

Decorating with Old Windows

Od-Window-on-the-Mantel-678x1024.jpgPoor windows… people just look right past them. Ha! I guess they were never intended to be pieces of art, apart from the stained-glass variety. However, they can be more than a light source in your dark dining room or more than a way to keep an eye on your kids in the backyard. They have a beauty to them, all their own.

You can find some particularly beautiful windows at antique stores or flea markets. If you come across one with lots of character, try placing it in a prominent location, such as an entry table or fireplace mantle. This can create something visually appealing as well as a conversation piece!

Old-Window-in-Living-Room-3.jpgDo you have an empty space on your wall, between your TV and the ceiling? Awkward opening in your gallery wall? A window can be a simple fix. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes plus they will never have a bulky feel since you can see through them; making them a perfect filler!

My favorite part about using these beauties for décor is you don’t have to spend a fortune! In fact, many people are eager to get rid of old windows that are cluttering up their garage. Check out yard sales and Craigslist for cheap finds!

If you are like me, you would like to see these babies in action before you go out and buy up all the old windows in town. Sarah at the Little Vintage Nest does a fantastic job of using old windows to decorate.

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