Dinner Ruining Your Pipes?

Dinner Ruining Your Pipes?

Ruined pipes blog.jpgI was not fortunate enough to have a garbage disposal in my house, growing up, so when my husband and I bought our first home and there was a garbage disposal, I used that sucker for everything! I mean if you can run it down the drain and you don’t have to smell old dinner sitting in your garbage can, why not do it?! Not too long ago, I was trying to shove chunks of frozen chili down the drain (with the water running of course) and that is when the hubs realized that perhaps I was overusing the disposal. Then the other day I came across an article that warns about types of food which can ruin your plumbing… oops! Maybe I can help you to avoid the possibility of ruining your pipes with dinner.

As it turns out, eggshells are great for a compost pile but they are not for your disposal. They can get wrapped around parts of your disposal and cause the motor to burn up. Another threat they possess is clogging the p-trap; this goes for stringy veggies and peelings as well. This next one I already knew about (woo hoo! That doesn’t happen too often) … grease. Grease may be a liquid when you pour it down the drain because it’s good and hot but as it cools, it will harden, turning into a solid. On top of that, it is water resistant so running the water with the grease going down the drain won’t help much either! To dispose of grease, pour it into a container and let it harden, then throw it away.

This next one was a shocker for me! As it turns out, pasta and rice should not go down your drain. Both expand with water and on top of that, they create a sticky substance—it’s almost like a glue! As you can probably imagine, this could create some serious problems within your pipes! Last on our list of dangerous things going down your pipes are pits and bones. Both are HARD and can ruin the motor of your garbage disposal and could create clogs in the p-trap. Throw these things out or consider composting them.

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