DIY: 4 Door Facelifts

By Morgan Saylor

The door to anywhere is kind of like its greeting – it’s the first impression you have of a room. What’s your door saying? Here are four simple and elegant ways of giving your doors a facelift.


Simply applying a few coats of a bold, new color on your front door can make the difference between welcoming and shooing your guests away!

Image via BHD Designs. 


Black is the new white – at least where interior doors are concerned. By adding inexpensive pieces of trim and a quick paint job, you can transform your doors from tedious to trendy.

See how this blogger does it.

Photo via WhiteNestShop.


Updating door hardware doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out your local department store’s spray paint aisle to find an array of metallic spray paints that can transform you knobs in no time (and little money) - and this how-to by Better Homes & Gardens.



Want to keep the brass but not the shine? If vintage is more your style, simply sanding down away the shine from brass door knobs leaves an interesting matte gold finish.

Photo via Focal Point Styling.

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