DIY Hammock Chair

By Kimberly Shane

DIY Hammock Chair

Is there anything better than lounging in a hammock, reading a book, under a tree, in the middle of summer? Well sure there is! Think about it, just bring that hammock inside where it is air conditioned and bug free! You don’t have to worry about your sweaty fingers sticking to the pages or having to reapply sun screen after the sun shifts. Thanks to this post from A Beautiful Mess you won’t have to bring your hammock stand in too—you can make a hammock chair! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 1/4" x 3' oak dowel
3/8" x 16' braided polypropylene (get this by the foot)
2 yards of canvas 
80mm stainless steel spring snap link (holds up to 220 lbs)
3/16" stainless steel quick link (holds up to 660 lbs)
black fabric paint
paint brush

drill and 3/8" drill bit
sewing machine
iron and ironing board

Here's what to do

Check out the full DIY, with photos, here.



Photo & DIY:  via: A Beautiful Mess



Photo & DIY:  via: A Beautiful Mess



Photo & DIY:  via: A Beautiful Mess



Photo & DIY:  via: A Beautiful Mess


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