DIY Natural Wasp Repellent

By Morgan Saylor

Sitting under my gazebo on the first warm, spring day in our semi-new home (we closed last fall, so this is our first spring in our new digs!), I was admiring the view of the neighborhood, the breeze, and the hedges that surrounding the railing of our back deck, when I noticed a faint buzz.Not a metaphorical buzz of excitement that comes along with homeownership – but the buzz that signifies a wasps’ nest lurking nearby.

I listened harder and came to quick realization that all of our hedges were infested with wasps. Wasps, skirting and bouncing along the tops of the hedges. And now the conundrum: how do I get rid of the wasps without killing my hedges? offers up a tutorial for dealing with wasps without having to go for chemical sprays that harmful to your littles ones, furry friends, flowers and plants.

This DIY tutorial requires three things to see it through:

  • Water
  • Peppermint oil
  • A spray bottle

Check out e-how’s video for the complete explanation on how to rid yourself of wasps the natural, eco-friendly way!



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