Don’t Blow It!

By Kimberly Shane

Don’t blow it!

canstockphoto4717627.jpgWhen did a yard full of dandelions stop representing endless wishes? I’m guessing, somewhere around the home ownership phase of our lives. In fact, I’ve witnessed a grown man scold his toddler for blowing on a dandelion, “What are you doing? Don’t blow that!” If this whimsical, yet incredibly annoying weed has taken over your yard—don’t fret! We have a natural remedy below:


1 Gallon of Household Vinegar

1 Ounce Liquid Dish Soap

1 Large Container with a Pump Sprayer

Pour the vinegar into the large container. Add the dish soap and mix gently (do not create bubbles). Be sure to thoroughly clean the pump sprayer—we don’t want to fertilize these dandelions (although that man’s toddler might be happy). Spray the vinegar solution directly onto the dandelion flower heads and the leaves. Wait 24-48 hours and check if they are turning brown, wilting and dying. You may have to repeat the application if you don’t see them dying back within two days of the treatment.

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