Edible Landscaping

You don’t have to have acres of land, a tractor, and a few chickens to glean the garden you’ve always dreamt of. If homesteading is a passion of yours, or you’d just like to try your hand at a few food-yielding plants, here are some things to consider.

Fix.com has created a detail infographic about how to weave edible fruit, veggie, and herb bearing foliage into your landscaping.

Not only that, but they’ve suggested different forms, styles, and ways to do it to best suit your home, yard, and taste. If you’re steeped in flower planting experience and fret over height, color, and texture – it’s no big deal. Fix.com has organized all those things, so visualizing your potentially edible landscape is easy!

Image via Fix.com

Source: http://pioneersettler.com/how-to-blend-edible-landscaping/