Finding an Open House

By Morgan Saylor

If you’re interested in buying a home but you’re a bit lost on how best to hit up an open house, has a few tips for finding and attending an open house!

Search online – Browse listings online. You can check out pictures of the home, and often times realtors will post dates of open houses for said listings.

Refer to the app – They actually have an app that will show properties in your area with upcoming open houses.

Ask Instagram – advises searching Instagram or other social media accounts for “#openhouse” along with your city’s name. Many realtors these days are social media savvy too and will share pictures of listings through their social media pages.

Follow the signs – Taking a drive through a neighborhood you’re interested in might yield positive results in your open house search, as many realtors will post signs to alert of an open house!

Visit real estate offices – Going to the source of open house scheduling is one way to find them – check out local real estate offices to ask about scheduled open houses.


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