Frozen Pipes, a Real Danger

By Kimberly Shane

Frozen Pipes, a Real Danger

Frozen pipes blog.jpgYou can totally disregard the information below if you have $18,000.00 laying around that you are hoping to get rid of. You see that is the average claim for damage from a frozen pipe reported by the Hartford Insurance Co. So, if you are smart (and I know you are) you’ll take steps to keep your pipes from freezing! 

Step #1

If some of your pipes are not going to be in use like sprinkler lines, garden hose or pool—you will want to get the water out of those pipes. Shut off the water valves then open up the spigots letting any remaining water drip out.

Step #2

The most ideal situation would be to have water pipes in only heated spaces, however, not all houses are set up this way.  If you do have pipes in unheated or un insulated areas such as a basement, crawl space or attic they should be insulated with insulation sleeves or wrapping. If you live in a warmer climate this may not be a concern because the area could be above freezing year-round.

Step #3

Right now, we are at that time of year when freezing temperatures are the norm. According to an article by, even our indoor pipes may need some extra protection.  It goes onto read, “one easy way to do that is to open any bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors that house plumbing. No, it's not pretty leaving the space beneath your sink exposed, but the improved airflow keeps your pipes toastier than if they were shut.”

Step #4

This next step opposes everything we’ve learned about water conservation but another tip is to let your faucets drip. Even a trickle running through a pipe will help prevent a pipe from freezing. Letting cold water drip from the faucet helps relieve any pressure building from ice inside a pipe.

Step #5

If your home will be unoccupied because you are travelling you might consider taking extra precautions in turning off your home’s water completely. Any unused water sitting in pipes is likely to freeze meaning that you could come home to a busted pipe and total mess!

For all homeowners, this information is invaluable (or I guess, worth $18,000). If you are selling your home and/or purchasing a home then this is also very important to consider. If you have a contract on a house and the pipes bust, just imagine how messy it will be (literally and figuratively) having to get it repaired! 

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