Hang This, Not That

By Morgan Saylor

Pictures are okay, but there are only so many ways you can arrange baby pics, wedding montages, and family fandangos on your walls before it gets a little tired.

Interior design magazines are often littered with images of homes that feature unique collections and antiques displayed artistically on walls. But when you do it, your house ends up looking like the interior of a chain restaurant.

So what shouldn't you hang? Fastening doll heads to your wall may not be the best idea - has cultivated a cool collection of wall hangings by owner and designer, Darlene. Here are a few of her picks for wall hanging inspiration:

  • Trays – In this example, decorative trays make for an expensive look, but you could also use other ornate glass pieces, like plates or bowls to achieve the same.
  • Baskets – If your home omits a rustic and earthy vibe, hanging flat or shallow baskets could add to the feel.
  • Hammers or tools – Not as garage-y as you might think – this is a look that would go great in a craft room.
  • Guitars – Hanging guitars or other instruments is not only a cool way to draw attention to a wall area, but also a great way to utilize your space.
  • Hats – This kind of design could be as simple (think straw hats for a farm house feel) or chic (decorative derby hats for a fancier ambiance) as you like.
  • Magazines – It’s something to do with that collection of magazines piling up in your basement.

For more inspiration for what to hang on your walls, check out this blog.


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