Heed Heat & Humidity

By Morgan Saylor

If you haven’t been hit with it already, it’s because you haven’t stepped outside. The heat and humidity are here, and before a transition into fall ushers in cooler temps, your house could be the breeding ground of something suspicious.Houselogic warns against mildew-y, moldy smells that don’t go away, and be on high alert if you catch a whiff of something that just seems off.

Here are a few tips to help in avoiding this occurance:

  • Clean and organize, giving room for air to move and moisture to stay away.
  • Dry out your home with a dehumidifier and air conditioners, adding necessary air circulation by adding fans.
  • If you have a room that has a tendency to get musty, line the closet walls and drawers with cedar to keep it sweet smelling.
  • Make sure your basement is waterproof, as basements like to get damp, and therefore moldy.
  • Houselogic warns that occasionally a musty smell can mean water damage, so you may consider calling in a professional to deal with those issues.


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