Hole in the Wall Repair Guide

By Morgan Saylor

Doorknob wall holes are inevitable if you have little ones around. Wall holes also happen to those who are enthusiastic about throwing open doors.Regardless, whenever wall holes happen, a repair is needed.

See Jane Drill via Zillow Porchlight offers both quick and not-so-quick fixes for repairing the hole in the wall and preventing future holes.

If your intentions are to ultimately one day repair your wall, the quick fix method is fine by way of a doorknob wall shield. It is a $5 flat adhesive-backed vinyl/plastic circle you can stick on your wall to cover the hole and protect from further damage. To do a permanent patch, you just have to install wood backing to the patch.

Once your wall is repaired, look into more permanent door stop solutions. These are the basics:

  • Baseboard -  That’s the little peg with the rubber tip installed on your baseboard behind the door.
  • Hinge pin – You’ve seen this type of stop on lighter-weight doors, like a screen door, which prevents it from opening all the way.
  • Floor-mounted- Installed on the floor, these can have magnets in them to hold the door open.


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