Home Selling Senses

By Morgan Saylor

Our senses are an amazing tool for how we experience the world. Don’t neglect to appeal to buyers senses when prepping your home to sell.

Trulia surveyed 223 self-identified Real Estate Agents in the US and came up with some do’s and don’ts one should consider, surrounding home staging and sales.

Sight – Keep clutter to a minimum. According to the survey, nearly 74 percent of agents says cleanliness is a top priority in staging to sell.

Sound - The first impression of a home, in terms of sight, is in the entry way. Trulia writes, “…consider incorporating ambient music, fresh flowers, and a clear path to the rest of the home” from the entry way.

Wall colors have a powerful effect on the senses. Neutral colors give the sense of a blank canvas, that the buyer can easily envision making their own.

Smell – Vanilla and fresh scents (laundry or mountain air) are the most appealing smells in home staging.

Trulia has created an infographic of findings from their survey that might be useful for any seller preparing their home for the market.


Image via Trulia

For more on home staging, check out Guide to Selling Your Home, which is full of similar tips on how to stage and sell quickly! 



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